Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fw: Greetings from San Antonio!

Subject: Greetings from San Antonio!

Dear Missionary Families,
We are happy to inform you that your son or daughter has safely arrived in the Texas San Antonio Mission! President Jones and I and our assistants greeted them at the airport at about 2:50 this afternoon. The plane from Salt Lake City was delayed, so we were anxiously awaiting their arrival. They arrived with smiles on their faces, happy to be here. What a great group of missionaries!  This was our biggest group ever with 31 missionaries, 18 being Sisters!
After collecting their luggage, we made our way back to the mission home where we had lunch, individual interviews with President Jones and some orientation. Then they were off to the Alamo where they learned a little history and participated in some mission traditions. We welcomed them back to the mission home for dinner, and time spent getting to know one another. The Sisters then left for various members homes and the Elders left for the assistants apartment for their first night in the mission field.
Tomorrow morning we will have an orientation and transfer meeting where your sons and daughters will meet their new companions and head out to their first areas. You should expect an email from them on Monday which is their preparation day. We are so happy and excited to have the opportunity to serve with these fine young men and women. Thank you for sending such well prepared and wonderful missionaries!
President and Sister Jones

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  1. Right after I read this email from President and Sister Jones I got a phone call from the Futrals in our ward saying they had gotten a phone call this morning from some friends lived in our ward years ago but had long since moved to Texas. They had hosted Hermana Emily and another sister in their home last night, fed them dinner, and delivered them to a rendezvous point in the morning. They reported that Emily looked great and seemed confident, and that it was fun to discover they had mutual friends. It is a SMALL world in the church!