Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feb. 7, 2013

Dear Family,

The MTC is Great! Day 1 was very full but really wonderful. As soon as I got here, got my name tag and dropped off my luggage, it was straight to class where I met the people I'll be spending most of my time with for the next six weeks. There are four sisters in my district: Hermana M (21) Hermana R (19), myself, and my companion, Hermana L (21). I love her! Already we've found a lot in common and although we've only been together less than 24 hours, I can tell we'll work well together.

Hna. L is from Ogden. She's the oldest of I think four kids, and her brother will be joining us in two weeks. He'll also be speaking Spanish, and I want to say he's going to Chile. Before mission Hna. L was at BYU studying Elementary Ed. She took four years of Spanish in high school as well, and also has IBS like me--ha ha!. She's health conscious and likes to run, so we're going to exercise together and help each other eat well which I'm excited for.

All four of us sisters are going to San Antonio. We have six elders in our district as well, all of them going to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Our two teachers are Brothers P and H, both of which are unfortunately attractive and very nice. They only speak to us in Spanish, but I was very pleased that aside from a few new words and phrases, I understood everything they said on the first day. I'm SO grateful I took Spanish in high school, and I'm really excited to get better at it.

My P-days are going to be on Thursdays, but we don't have one this week because we're doing orientation and stuff. Look for an email next week.

We did this really cool group teaching thing yesterday that I don't have time to explain, but I want to share what I learned:

1. Everybody needs to know first and foremost who God is, what His nature is, and that He loves them.
2.We are here to teach the gospel, not to sell the church or Mormonism.

I have to go but I love you all. The Church is true, but the most important thing is the gospel and how it helps us become more like the Savior.


Hermana Christensen :)

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